Shaved Ice 빙수


Our must-try Authentic Korean Bingsu; a symphony of delicate shaved ice adorned with an inventive palette of flavours.
Sandwich 샌드위치


Freshly baked to a golden perfection, each one brims with a luscious savoury filling, redefining this classic Parisian Pastry.
Croissant x Waffle 크로플


The delightful marriage of a buttery Croissant and a light, crisp Waffle. Why choose, when you can have both?
Monster Cream 퍼프


Encased in a crispy exterior lies a heart of flavourful Cream. Their adorable googly eyes bring to life the delightful 'monster' in every bite.
Fine Dessert 찹쌀떡

Rice Balls

A refined dessert, these tender Glutinous Rice balls are nestled in a velvety, rich concoction — a traditional delicacy elevated for the modern palate.
Breakie 아침식사


Begin your day in elegance with our curated breakfast selections, crafted for both nourishment and visual delight.
Fusion at its finest 주요 요리


Experience the best of both worlds with our mains, perfected for the discerning palate.
Fresh Brew 커피


Each brew is an exploration of the Coffee's origin, the Beans' character, and the Roasting process.
Refreshingly Fun 탄산음료


A lively dance of Bubbles and Fruit — a revitalising symphony of taste that uplifts and invigorates.
Coffee-Free 커피가 아닌

Non Coffee

Delight in our selection of Non-Coffee Drink, for those seeking variety beyond the realms of Coffee.
A Fresh Pot 차 애호가

Tea Series

Experience tranquility with our curated collection of Teas. Every infusion is an invitation to unwind and savour the quiet moments.
Available in Hot or Cold. Hot comes with a tea cup and a pot.
Choose 1:

• Earl Grey

• Chamomille

• English Breakfast

• White Peach

• Rose Oolong